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The following proposal is to gain your support in a project to raise funds for Olds College. The project involves planning and organizing an annual student ski trip to raise funds for the student body at Olds College. All funds raised would be put towards purchasing new equipment and redesigning the student recreational center. The recreational center at Olds College plays an important role in the quality of life for students and is currently not meeting the demands from students. New equipment would enhance the recreational center and make the experience at Olds College more enjoyable. To gain support for such a project, this document provides brief background information on the recreational center's present situation and also proposes a plan for this project. The plan is intended to outline some special requirements required for the success of the project and presents the outcomes and evaluations of this project.


The recreational center at Olds College is out-of-date and needs to be redesigned to meet students' fitness needs. Students are continually placing greater importance on their health and fitness thus causing the demand for the recreational center to increase. The current center does not meet the requirements of the students. Competing colleges offer their students state-of-the art fitness centers and this is appealing to students when deciding which college to attend. The recreational center needs locker rooms, racquet courts, and new fitness equipment in order for students to enjoy their experience at Olds College. Fund raising projects need to be organized and implemented in order to raise the funds necessary to meet these goals.


This annual ski trip would require a team of students to organize and plan this fundraiser. This team would consist of Olds college students who are interested in raising money for the college during...