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The story of A RAISIN IN THE SUN about a black family stuggling

through family and economic hardships. The story ended as the head of the

family Walter took control, became a family man, and rejected an offer from a

white businessman to stay out of a white neighborhood and to stay with all

blacks. This offer disgusted the Younger family and hurt their black pride. I

would like in my own words to continue this story as I see it fit to occur. Three

changes I would make would be is Walter is forced to take action against

segregation, the grandmother passing away, and how the blacks finally became

accepted and began to enjoy and be proud of where they live.

As the Younger family moves themselves into a white suburban

neighborghood the whites in the community are upset that they have come to be

with them. Their direct neighbors who have a son that is Travis's age no longer

lets her son play with Travis and he become hurt and confused.

Walter has to

explain that many people that are white beleive that they are better then those

who are black. Travis who is stay in dismay and is confused waits at home while

Walter goes over to the neighbors house to talk to them about what has

happened. Walter is, in good reason, very angry and annoyed by the racist

whites. He goes over and at first tries his best to stay calm over the situation.

The white father then says, 'Listen, if I ever see your son with mine, I will

througth that little black spoiled brat back into your yard.' Walter becomes

enraged and hits the man directly in the face as hard as he can. This brings an

upraw amongst the Youngers...