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"A Raisin in the Sun" is a film about a black family living in cramped quarters in an inner-city neighborhood struggling with the effects of racism and the tensions brought on by their plans to move to a single family home in an all white neighborhood. It also shows their efforts to better their situation. The women in this film are strong role models: the mother for a strong and nurturing head of her family; the wife for a loving wife; and the daughter for a black woman determined to be a doctor.

The Youngers' lives are changed when Big Walter dies and leaves Lena $10,000 from his life insurance policy. Walter Lee (the son) had plans for the money to invest in a liquor store but Lena (the mother) said some of the money will go towards Beneatha's (the daughter) medical school and then part will be used to pay down on a two-story house.

The Younger household is overworked with unbelievable tension. Walter Lee wants to be the man of the house but Lena is still the head of the household and their values are fundamentally different. Ruth (Walter Lee's wife) is tired of listening to Walter's dreams because she has her own dreams, which Walter Lee is uninterested in hearing or understanding. Despite Walter Lee's lack of compassion for anyone else's needs, he expects empathy when it comes to his wants and desires.

Ruth: Honey, why can't you stop fighting me?

Walter Lee: Who's fighting you? Who even cares about you?

The delicate balance of a family's happy existence is often tested when relationships between siblings are explosive. Jealousy, the lack of self-worth, the lack of money, the lack of ownership and the lack of respect for each other's feelings are explosive elements. The slightest...