Ralph Waldo Emerson on Contemporary Business and Motivational Theories in Business

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22 September 2014

Dr. Nina Markov

English 101

Ralph Waldo Emerson on Contemporary Business and Motivational Theories in Business

The Panic of 1837 in the background, depression of men in the foreground and businesses as running cogs in between; the colors which paint the dwindling society speaks for itself. Emerson in his idealism of The American Scholar enumerated the elementary foundations upon which this businesses shall be built. There is a notion in the world, contemporary or past, that business works the mechanism of politics, of solitude, domestic gratification and security; but his prevailing words has inspired me otherwise that Emerson in his effort to initiates these Scholars rushed through some of the essence of business, hence misleads the image of business. So how does his contention of motivation negatively affect viewing of business?

At the commencement of his address, Emerson in manifesting his notion of the Oneness of Man infers all entities in the society, including businesses, to become unified; he reads "Man is not a farmer, or a professor, or an engineer, but he is all.

Man is priest, and scholar, and statesman, and producer, and soldier…. and this original unit (Man), this fountain of power, has been so distributed to multitudes, has been so minutely subdivided and peddled out, that it is spilled into drops, and cannot be gathered. The state of society is one in which the members have suffered amputation from the trunk, and strut about so many walking monsters, ⎯ a good finger, a neck, a stomach, an elbow, but never a man." To capture a disintegrated man who is robbed of his original power is rhetorically powerful in his translating his dissent against specialization. In his metaphorization between Man and His professions or His businesses, and while humans are the...