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Lakshmana and Colonel Shaw: Heroes Through Trust "Ramayana," a Hindus myth, and Glory an American myth, both contain heroes who possess the trait of loyalty. Lakshmana shows loyalty by following Rama and Sita into exile. Colonel Shaw shows loyalty by fighting and dying for his country. According to Donna Rosenberg in World Mythology, "We all enjoy seeing people behave at their best under very difficult circumstances, for righteous behavior evaluates the person and thus the human race"(334).

The first example of loyalty is Lakshmana who follows Rama and Sita into exile. Lakshmana pledges his loyalty to Rama and follows him into exile. No one forced him or told him to go, he just went. Because of Lakshmana's wisdom, Lakshmana is a hero for the Hindus people. The second example of wisdom is Colonel Shaw, who fights and dies for his country. Because of his loyalty, Colonel Shaw is an American hero.

Thus both Lakshmana and Colonel Shaw are heroes to their respective cultures because they have the trait of wisdom.

Under the most extreme and difficult conditions heroes must remain loyal. That's what makes them good role models for their respective cultures. The Hindus people would have been told the tale of Lakshmana and realized that he was a hero because he had the trait of loyalty. Like Lakshmana they could remain loyal to their friends through a tough time they were going through. This trait would have helped them grow and develop as a person. The same is true today. We, too, can use Lakshmana as a role model. We could exhibit the trait of loyalty by cleaning up our environment. Colonel Shaw, the hero for the American people, would have also been a role model, teaching them to fight for what they stand and believe...