The Ramifications of Teenage sex.

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Teenagerdom brings us as, well, teenagers, many responsibilities. We are

entrusted with more things, such as driving, dating, going to parties, concerts, and

other related activities that are generally associated with being a teenager. One of

those responsibilities involves sex. "Everyone is doing it." Or so the saying goes.

Not everyone actually, but a large deal. Much too big of a margin than is healthy.

Because, along with sex comes things like STD's (ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!) and, in the

case of "it broke" or under the other category of "oops" comes babies. After dealing

with more infants than I care to count, I understand the responsibility that they

involve. They have to be fed, rocked, changed, bathed, made laugh, have someone

pat their stomach when they have a tummy ache, and other mundane tasks. They

are the most dependent things I can imagine, and they smell too.

If it was not for the act of sex and our bodies being programmed to want it, I

find no reason as to why ANYONE would want to reproduce.

Period. However,

people do. A lot by the looks of a world population map. Anyway, more and more

kids today are having sex, and the responsibilities involved are more than what any

teenager should have to bear. After all, we have things like grades and colleges

and other semi important things to worry about. Who needs a kid?

First and foremost, anyone who would care to do anything more at our age

than kiss is a bit off their rocker. As mentioned above, the responsibilities are

tremendous. But there are other things to consider too. Such as our reputation,

health, chances of getting into that ivy league college or whatever else our

long/short term goals consist of. No one wants to be pinned with such a...