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One of America's first punk bands were The Ramones. Their first four albums set the blueprint for American punk rock. The Ramones had a huge impact on American society during the 1970s.

There are many reasons why The Ramones are so significant. Most of these reasons were that The Ramones were the first band to use a lot of new musical ideas. They were the first to cut rock and roll down to its bare essentials, which was four chords, a simple melody and incredibly catchy lyrics. People loved their "high decibel, lightning fast assaults, which was what helped them gain such an energetic following of fans." (30 of the Biggest Musical Influences) Even though they did acquire lots of fans, they had little recognition from the music community, not letting them have the fame they wanted when they first burst out onto the NYC punk rock scene. They managed to climb to number 111 on the U.S.

Billboard album charts which was an incredible feat for this new type of band.

Punk rock was a symbol of cultural rebellion and punk musicians could have cared less about everything. "They liked breaking the rules, making new ones and taking a stand for what they believed in." (Nagel 14) The guys that started The Ramones perfectly fit this description. They were the "punks" of their time. The band was made up of four members. Jeffrey Hyman who was born in New York City on May 19, 1952. Tommy Erdelyi who was born in Budapest on January 19, 1951. Douglas Golvin who was born in Berlin on September 18, 1952. And John Cummings who was born in Forest Hills on October 8, 1951. They played the type of music that they liked to hear, but couldn't because it wasn't considered good enough...