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Akinwande Olufisayo

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English 2110

September 29 2014

Comparison of Ran and King Lear

Throughout history, people choose to modify great stories that other people have made. These modifications are sometimes done on a large scale. A good example of a story that has been modified is King Lear written by Williams Shakespeare. There are many versions of King Lear that have been performed. Some stay true to the original version and some others take out pieces to entertain its viewers. The film Ran by Akira Kurosawa explores a similar story to King Lear; however, the story has its own differences. The stories of Ran and King Lear have similar themes such as revenge and foolishness; however, they differ in the fact that the sons in Ran and not the daughters as seen in King Lear change the out come of the entire story.

Both King Lear and Ran deal with themes like foolishness and revenge brought out about by the mistakes people make.

Foolishness is brought up in King Lear and Ran when the characters of Lear and Hidetora passed on their powers to their children before due time. The passing on of power was a big mistake that the two characters made which lead to the consequences of their actions in the end. The two characters also exhibit foolishness in that they both failed to recognize the protest and also listen to the sound advice of their most trusted men when making their decisions. Revenge is seen in King Lear as the character of Edmund seeks to take avenge on his father and brother for being a bastard son with no inheritance, so he tried to kill his father to become the earl of Glucoster. But in the end, the whole situation changes and Edmund's brother...