A Random Life

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The only thing that indicated that it was winter was the incredibly low temperature and unmerciful wind that would punish anyone who wasn't wearing several layers of thick clothes. Marko was one of those people, but he wasn't freezing because he forgot to put on clothes, he was freezing because he didn't have any. He wore a torn shirt with a thin patched up jacket and pants that looked like they were made from paper. It was winter time in New York and things didn't appear to get better. The wind was ruthlessly slapping Marko around. Marko has lost all his strength and at this point has fallen to the ground, as he has already developed a severe case of hypothermia. Right before his eyes, Marko's world was disappearing and the only thing keeping him alive was the picture of his little sister.

Marko Petrovic, from the city of Subotica in Serbia was a young lawyer who just had a streak of luck.

He managed to obtain a work visa for the USA and nothing could go better for him. At the age of thirty he was considered a young attorney and a bright future was ahead of him because he was heading for the law capitol of the world: New York. Ever since he was a kid he admired New York City in newspapers, books, television and every time the city appeared bigger and better. The city was not just a city; it was a symbol of success and his dream. He wasn't from a poor family but he never traveled in an airplane before in his life. His father, who died one year before he graduated from the University of Law, was a very conservative and religious man who didn't believe in modern technologies. Airplanes were in this...