Where I Rank The Holidays

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Holidays have different meanings to me. Of course, I like some holidays more than others. I like holidays because they are a time for family and fun. This essay describes what I like and don't like about our major holidays.

My favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is a season of excitement, joy, hope, and anticipation. People have time away from school and work between Christmas and New Years. Some of the homes in my neighborhood are covered with colored lights and lawn ornaments. One of my neighbors covers his whole lawn with outdoor Christmas lights and figures. He even plays Christmas music, his favorite being "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer". Shoppers are out looking for the perfect presents. I used to help Mom decorate our tree when I was younger, but that has been replaced with a small fiber optic light tree, which sits in our living room.

Presents surround the tree and tease us until Christmas evening.

My parents and I make a short trip to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve day. My Grandma's kitchen smells like chocolate chip cookies and pie. She is always preparing food, too much food, but it is always good. Grandma greets me with a hug and a comment like "Matthew, you are so tall". After getting comfortable, we talk to Grandma and my Uncle Harold, watch TV, and eat a lot. Christmas morning we open presents with Grandma. Then we eat lunch and drive home later in the day.

It takes four hours to drive home from Grandma's house. On Christmas evening we gather around the fiber optics tree to open the remainder of our presents. My Dad and I usually spend the rest of Christmas evening playing with our new toys. My parents go down to Lake of the Ozarks...