The ransom

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Behind me I could here the heavy steps of my pursuer, ahead of me lay a blanket of darkness. My legs shook and my head ached. I didn't know what was behind me, but every time I took a breath I heard the footsteps moving closer and closer to me. Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the shoulder. The tough hand scratched my back. The pursuer dragged me as if I were a criminal. I did not know where I was but the pursuer pushed me against a cold jagged wall.

Then the person spoke to me in a low and crude voice. He wanted all the money I had or he would keep me hostage. My pockets were empty. When he checked my pockets and found out that I had no money, still in darkness he pulled me to my feet, clinging viciously to my arm and dragging me along with him.

I had no idea where the man was taking me. I was shivering, exhausted and petrified.

He took me to a brighter room and told me I was a hostage from that point onward. Numb with terror, I could not speak, move or even hum. He threatened me by pointing his gun at me, so I thought it was wise not to aggravate the man. In the dim light, I could just make out his face. He had dark hair, was about one hundred and eighty centimeters tall, wearing brunette boots and a dark shirt.

I spent, what felt like an hour waiting for someone to rescue me, then suddenly, the door swung open and for a second I thought it was the police but unfortunately it was the man. He'd brought me some food to eat. He brought some ill-smelling cookies and shoved them into my mouth.