A Rap Song Made From Science key words

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Anton Van Leewenhoek had lots of hope

When he made the microscope

He made it so good, fresh and clean

You could feast on it with a bean

There is something thing outside the cell

And its known as the cell wall

The cell wall is hard as a shell

They're full of strength and live beside the cell

Chromosome is DNA

With a bit of protein and hey hey hey

Organized in structures with a spoon

It blends in with a baboon

The Nucleolus doesn't rhyme

And it makes a knot with chromatine

It constructs a lot of ribosomes

But it's only allowed to have ooone home

Lysosomes are mighty beasts

It does nothing except eats n' eats

Lysosomes have lots of enzymes

And they're specially made by bits and bits

Schwann and Schleiden are scientists

They rock the earth oh yes they do

Because they made microscopes

Just like poo

Chloroplasts have two membranes

They make chlorophyll like anyone

Because they are so genuine

Sunlight is trapped in a box

To make sugar for the fox

Golgi bodies are cell organelles

They eat like monsters but feel quite well

When they receive proteins from a cell

Golgi Bodies are cool, oh yes

But they don't get to meet old golgi complex