Raphael's "Madonna of the Meadows"

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I chose to do my analysis on Raphael’s "Madonna of the Meadows". In this painting my eye is first drawn to the Madonna, or the Virgin Mary. From Mary my eyes go to the baby that is sitting on the ground and then to the one standing with Mary’s help. I believe that this is done because Mary is the largest so my eyes go to her first. My eyes go next to the baby sitting because that is the way that Mary is looking. Next I am drawn to the second baby because the first is looking at him; finally my eye is drawn back to Mary mostly because of the staff or cross that the babies are holding.

The style of the painting is from the Renaissance so it comes into classical art. Also it can be viewed as humanism. I feel that it is humanism because it has to do with interests of people (religion) and also a philosophy (Christianity).

The style of Raphael can be compared to the style of da Vinci and Michelangelo. Because the painting is part of the Renaissance time period the painting is representational. It represents Mary, John the Baptist and Jesus as Raphael saw them. Realism is the form of representational painting Madonna of the Meadows is considered. This is because I can tell that the forms are people and they look mostly real.

The painting is done in a two-dimensional surface. The perspective is atmospheric perspective. As I look at the painting, I see how the colors get duller and the objects get smaller. The painting is also one-point perspective. The vanishing point is near the center of the painting. This point makes me feel as if I am looking straight onto the scene.

Raphael does not make me...