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Rascal Flatts

"Rascal Flatts"

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Colorado Springs, CO June 5th 2007

It was very hard to try to pick a specific kind of music to present for this project, but I have decided to do my presentation on, the group I have chosen is Rascal Flatts. This group represents Country Music.

The band is comprised of lead vocalist Gary LeVox, bassist Jay DeMarcus, and electric guitarist Joe Don Rooney. Which Gary and Jay are second cousins. Demarcus moved to Nashville in 1992 to find work as a musician. In 1997, he convinced his cousin, Levox, to come to Nashville to pursue a music career as a singer. Meanwhile DeMarcus met Rooney when they both got jobs in Chely Wright's band. Meanwhile, Demarcus and LeVox were playing gigs in a Nashville bar's, with a part time guitarist.

When their guitarist could not make it to a show one weekend, Demarcus invited Rooney to sit in. They were very happy with the results, they recorded some demos, and then soon after they signed a record deal with Disney Imprint, Lyric Street. Beginning in early 2000, they released their first album self-titled "Rascal Flatts". Their first single "Praying for Daylight", Then "This Everyday Love" and "While you Loved Me". At this point Rascal Flatts sold over 500,000 albums. A late fourth single "I'm Movin On" propelling this album to platinum status, over 1,000,000 sold. They started touring opening for artist like Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, and Jo Dee Messina. The Milestones kept coming; they played the historic "Grand Old Opry" and then recorded a soundtrack for the movie, "We Were Soldiers". Shortly after that, they were one part of two...