Rascism in sports

Essay by PlayetteMiddle School, 6th grade March 2003

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"Racism, Sexism and Homophobia is alive in Sport"

I believe that Racism, Sexism and Homophobia are important issues in sport. I mean, look around you. Almost everyday you hear about one of those issues from a friend, on the news, or even in the newspapers. All these aspects can create a huge problem in sport if not dealt with properly. I feel that Racism and Sexism have been serious problems for many years now, although they tend to be occurring more frequently. Homophobia seems to be equally as important, though it is not spoken of as much.

I define the word Racism as a belief that human abilities etc. are determined by a person's race. Racism has always been a huge factor in sport. Not only in Australia but all over the world. It happens regularly and can become extremely discouraging. A sport in which racism occurs often is Football.

For example, if an AFL team was playing in a match and one of the players was Aboriginal and he missed the goal, he would be discriminated against simply because he was not 'white'. I went to a similar match and you could hear the racist comments echoing through the stadium. Words such as 'niggar' were common I was appalled. Ethnic societies always seem to be the ones targeted, no matter what the sport. I feel it would be fantastic if something could be done to encourage people of other cultures to participate in more sport in the future.

I define the word Sexism as prejudice or discrimination against people on the ground of their sex. I believe there is much sexism in sport, especially toward women, in the field. I mean how many Cricket or Basketball games are on television, that involve women. There are not...