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To investigate the rate of reaction in different concentrations of acid using Magnesium strips.


I predict that the rate of reaction will increase as the concentration of acid increases. I know this because the collision theory


* 15 Test Tubes

* 1 Measuring Cylinder

* Safety Goggles

* 1 Test Tube Rack

* 1 Stop Clock

* Scissors

* Ruler

* Water basin

* Scissors


The reactants I am going to use are:

1.0M, 1.25M, 1.5M, 1.75M and 2.0M of Hydrochloric Acid Concentrations. These are the concentrations I have decided to use. Along with it, the reactant will also be 15 Strips of Mg, Magnesium measuring 2cm each.


1. Set up the necessary equipment; refer to the equipment list if you can't remember what you need.

2. Draw a results table

3. Place test tubes in the rack

4. Measure the length of the Magnesium Strips, cut them to 2cm each, and make sure they are clean.

5. Label the test tubes with 10ml of 1.0M Hydrochloric acid

6. Put on Safety goggles

7. Fill the test tubes with 10ml of 1.0M Hydrochloric Acid

8. Place the magnesium in the tube.

9. Start the stop clock, as soon as Mg touches the liquid.

10. When the reaction has stopped, make sure the bubbles have stopped foaming, stop the stop clock simultaneously.

11. Note down the results in the table

12. Repeat this 2 more times, and note down the results for 2nd and 3rd Tries

13. Do the above steps for 1.25M, 1.5M, 1.75M, and 2.0M Hydrochloric Acid

14. Average the results

15. Clean area, put away all equipment. Dispose of items or clean if needed.

Fair Test:

* Make sure you use the same measurement and amount of metal

* Make sure you measure...