Rational v.s. irrational thought

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Points can be made for both rational an irrational thought when look at as, which one was and is more powerful in human history. Irrational thought holds the most power throughout our history. It like when you are playing cards and you think you have the best hand, but then someone does something unexpected. The way of looking outside of the box has helped to further our knowledge of our world as it is today.

Where would we be in the understanding of astronomy if we didn't look outside of the box. Looking up into the sky at night shows a world of things that we love to see but don't know a lot about. If Galileo didn't question what the things up there looked like, where would we be? Without the telescope we would have no idea of that those things looked like. Newton was an abstract thinker, and is the founder of physics.

What is gravity, why do we stay on the ground while on the earth, but if we go out into space we float? These questions could only be answered by someone that looks at things that aren't concrete. Gravity is an ever changing force within out world, and important force, something that keeps our buildings intact. If we only look at the real, reasonable, concrete things in life our society might as well be dead.

Every rational element in our society has been formed from some irrational element. Every day we use technology: computers, cell phones, televisions, and refrigerators. How could be come up with these ideas if we didn't think differently. We would be eating old, stale and rotten food without refrigeration. Computers have changed the way that we do business. Companies can now easily trade or transfer products and/or money to other...