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Jessica Rangel

Professor Lynch

English 271

Journal #17

3 Nov 2014

Trickster Myths: The Raven

In the myth "The Raven Steals the Light" the raven act of stealing the light represents as the founder of life. The Raven takes from the supposed grandfather the box that contains the light that would take the out of darkness. Taking them out of the dark will open many windows that were never done so before. As one came out of the darkness the ability to see how the world was became endless. They did not have to be bumping with one another or be wondering what one looked like under the light. The Raven was like the mother of existence it paved the way to a whole new way of seeing life. Also, his act of stealing can represent the character of what it means to be a trickster. It is sneaky and it does what it cans in order to fulfill their desires.

The Raven tricked his suppose grandfather into giving him the box that contained the light. The Raven transformed himself into a young boy in order to disguise his form though it was dark. The grandfather mistakenly took him as being the granddaughter so this helped the Raven in its favor.

The Raven knew that by begging to the grandfather of wanting the boxes that he would eventually give in to the whole ordeal. The grandfather gave him the light and when he got a glimpse of the Raven he was not able to do much for it was to late. The Raven turned himself

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back into its natural shape and flew off. Many of the trickster myths the characters are seem to be doing evil sneaky things but in reality they are doing more good...