The Raven's Perch, by Mark Zadina

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The raven flew to his perch. When he got there he saw the three lazy squirrels that shared the same home with him in the tree. The raven flew down by where they were sitting. The raven said in a gloomy voice; suppose to be a cold winter. The raven shook his head and flew back to his perch.

The three squirrels who were suppose to be collecting nuts all during the fall for the long winter, just sat around every day shooting the breeze. All there lives they were sheltered. This was there first year on their own away from the family. Every winter they always had nuts on the table. The squirrels not realizing how tough it would be to find nuts right before winter decided to wait until the last minute. December 21 came and went for the squirrels and they still did nothing.

January 26 rolls around and the squirrels are freezing their tails off and have no food. They decide to venture for food. When they peer out of the den they realize that there is a foot of snow on the ground. Deciding it would be better if they went as a group to look for food. As the squirrels climbed out of their den the raven watched in pity.

The squirrels searched all day and they still couldn't find any food. The squirrels finally gave up. As they were walking home in sorrow, one of the squirrels got his foot stuck in a hole. They realized that this was the entrance to the moles hole near their tree. They knew the mole had food because they watched him collect it all during the fall. The three squirrels try knocking on the door. It takes a couple of knocks...