The Raven Written by Edger Allen Poe

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This is one of the greatest poems ever written in history. It is set in a very gothic scene with eerie emotions encircling it. The Raven can basically be described as the embodiment of insanity and possibly the affect of society on a being. In this scenario, a hopeless mortal becomes trapped in the lost for his love Lenore. It is obvious that Lenore is a love that has been lost and died and this man is too in love to let her go and his love sinks him deep into a depression which turns into insanity and leads him to death. This man starts off alone in his chamber or home simply relaxing and wandering away in his thoughts when a sudden strike of fate impales with him. This raven in some ways may be looked at as physical phenomena, and in other cases as a creation planted in the thoughts of the poor soul.

Another aspect of this amazingly eerie story is the elements of freighting rhyme. Edger Allan Poe uses words that entrap the reader into them. Like most of his work, it carries a sense of darkness and evil but also paralleled with lost cause. The raven is different and special in its own ways simply because of the classiness of the poem and the powerful emotions its stirs in places within the reader that he has feared for so long. Though it may be a bit difficult to understand for some of the readers who have limited skill or are unfamiliar with Poe's work, The Raven is in one way or another amazingly able to reach out and slip into the mind of the reader, and can be easily visualized and seen by this individual.

Of course this poem has been criticized as...