THE RCMP this essay outlines the RCMP's current structure and gives a historical perspective. Outlines why the RCMP is a Canadian Icon.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, otherwise known as the RCMP, is one of Canada's oldest and most renowned government departments. Ever since its beginning the RCMP has been a workforce committed to excellence in protecting our Country through international, national, and local policing. Over the years the RCMP has steadily become a stronger and more sophisticated department. If the RCMP continues to progress the way it has been over the last few decades, it will have a very successful future. The goal of the following report is to provide some insight into the department of the RCMP, as well as to provide a historical perspective that will outline how the RCMP has developed into a very respected and effective government department.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has a constantly changing mandate. The latest mandate as outlined by the Commissioner of the RCMP, Giuliano Zaccardelli, is as follows:

RCMP Federal Services will work with the community, clients and partners to target organized crime and provide a quality policing service through problem solving, education, prevention and enforcement of Federal Statutes and Laws of Canada in an effort to provide safe homes and communities.

The RCMP's mission has remained fairly unchanged over the last few years. The RCMP mission statement is:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada's national police service. Proud of our traditions and confident in meeting future challenges, we commit to preserve the peace, uphold the law and provide quality service in partnership with our communities.

Just as all government departments have their own priorities so too does the RCMP. The RCMP has four main priorities for 2003/2004, which they will concentrate on to bring down the county's rate of crime. The first priority is that of organized crime. The RCMP wants to reduce the threat of organized...