Re-interpretation of a historical event.

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To interpret something means to find the meaning. And, by definition, history is events that have happened in the past, such as yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last century. So many things have happened in the past 4 million years of the earth's existence it would be hard to re-interpret those events, so I'll make it a little easier for the both of us. I'll take one event out of the numerous ones. In the past 10 years even, there have been a lot of events, we've had wars, a bad president, and bombed innocent countries. And in the last 100 years we have had more wars more bad presidents and more countries were bombed. But one particular even that has had every one stir-crazy was in the 1940's, the Holocaust, the genocide, the 3rd Reich, and the infamous fascist regime.

When Adolf Hitler came became the furher of Germany and as time went on his plan of giving Germany her land back and returning the German race to there land by wiping out all the non-German people. It first began by hiding them away from the outside world, by throwing them in to ghettos and closing off the proximity of those ghettos. Next came taking them away to a closed off portion of a city. After this he began creating concentration camps of work camps, there were hundreds of them, after they were finished building, then began the populating of the camps. Hitler began having his secret police, the Gestapo, hoard them into cattle cars and ship them off to the different camps throughout Germany. At these camps the 'people' of them did not eat, did not sleep, and worked 20 hours a day. It was a horrible place to live, they were...