Reaching To Americas Future

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I think that it is extremely important to reach out to America's future as soon as possible. People need to set good examples for kids and teenagers because we will be leading the country in the near future. Three important issues I feel that our country should improve are schooling, drug use, hate, and discrimination.

I feel that making sure that all kids in stay in high school and eventually go to college is essential in the world today. School should definitely be the number one priority of all teenagers. School is definitely a burden, and you could totally blow it off if you wanted to. If you blew school off your life would probably end up going absolutely nowhere. If kids blow off school they are probably going to keep up this pattern for the rest of their life. Whenever they are faced with problems or challenges they are just going to put them off just like before.

This will get you nowhere in life.

That is why I feel that all students need to do the best they can in school. It is definitely a pain in the behind, but it is not that difficult that you cannot do it. Whenever I felt lazy and did not feel like working, I would always put my work off until the next day. I noticed that my grades slowly began to decrease. Now I try to put my best effort in my schoolwork. Another issue that I feel affects America's future is drug use. Teenagers should definitely not use drugs or associate with people who use drugs. Drugs have changed drastically in the past years. Teenagers are experimenting with extremely lethal and deadly drugs. In today's world a teenager can try a drug just once and become addicted to the drug, have severe brain damage, or even worse die. People have got to get the message to America's future on how deadly and dangerous these drugs are.

I also feel that we need to reach out to the future of America and encourage them to treat people more kindly. This is an extremely simple issue, but still there is hatred and violence throughout the country. We have to get the message out that hatred and discrimination are terrible. People have to start to think how they would feel if others treated them with no respect. We have to change our ways of hate quickly.

Reaching out to the future of America is extremely important. There are many issues that they need to recognize. Schooling is essential. If young people are going to succeed in life they need to get the best education they can. We also need to get teenagers away from drugs because many are extremely harmful to their minds and bodies. Finally, we need to do our best to remove hatred and discrimination against other races. If all of these things occur I feel that the future of America will be very successful.