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In photo number one is taken from a Jim Beam ad. In the photo is a women popping out of a cake (I believe it is a stripper) wearing nothing but underwear. This gives me a negative reaction to the woman in this ad. Yes, I think it is sexually appealing to many men but it could be downgrading to some people. The longer impressions are that women are men's toys, sex objects and only liked for their body. I think if there is more of the types of advertisements people might start to believe that women are only good for what the ad is trying to portray. You would never see a man in this type of ad. The reason I feel this way is because is they way my parents brought me up thinking this way.

I think the women in this ad fits to the stereotype of "sexy women". Because she is attractive women, with long hair and a good body. Some of the other stereotypes that fit would be "women" because she is attractive, and "athletic" because she has a good body.

In the second ad from Adidas puts the women in a much better view. It shows the women athletically dressed with a huge smile on there face. It looks like there good well to be women having a lot of fun. The long-term effects are that I would have a positive out look on these women because they look good and seem to be having a great time. As for the stereotype I think it is "Athletic Women" because give the sporty look. But, I also think that the stereotype of "women" would work also because the women are attractive and emotional because of the big smile on their faces.