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Luigi Pirandello author of Six Characters in Search of an Author was raised by an upper class family in Italy. He is best known for his work as a short story writer, dramatist and novelist. Luigi Pirandello received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1934. It was awarded for his "bold and brilliant renovation of the drama and the stage." In 1921, the play Six Characters in Search of an Author debuted in Italy. The plays theme centralizes around six characters that assumed a life off the page and are demanding an author to write them into a play. At fist the manager and his actors are skeptical of the six characters and suggest that they are probably out or work actors. Eventually the manager begins to give interest in the characters stories.

I found it interesting that the Six Characters believe that they are not actors but were merely born into their rolls.

The manager's actors think that the Six Characters are "madmen or rascals." The plot is very sporadic and centralizes around the characters attempts to convince the manager to help them cast their play. At one point in the play the manager tells the characters that he is not an author but he could refer the six characters to an author who could help them write their story. This is when the father suggests that the manager could simply write down the play as the six characters play it out for him scene by scene. The father does a good job convincing the manger each time he tries to bail on the characters.

While reading this play, I found it very easy to side with the manager and his actors feelings towards the six characters. Each time the six characters began bickering and arguing I felt...