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I first off did not care for this film. I know I should be more open minded when it comes to classical films that are in black and white but I just did not get interested into this selection. The film tried to have some intentional artifice with the whole movie focusing on Tracy. She just was not a very nice person. The whole plot was centered on her. She had tried to confuse the photographer's minds since she had figured out of why they wanted to write a story about her wedding. I think another type of narration was that the movie was circular pattern. The film stared out showing Tracy in a fight with Dexter at their home. By the end of the film the two ended up getting married at the house.

The film also had some Hollywood styles. One style was classical Hollywood style that is character orientated.

The camera always seemed to have close ups as the characters talked. I noticed that the camera also would have both characters in the shot while they were talking in dialogue. I did not notice that the film did any subjective camera shots. The director did seem to use the close and long shots the most often out of any type of camera shots. Almost every new sequence of scenes it was a long shot to set the setting. I don't know if this was part of the Hollywood style but the director tried to do a transition from the Spy magazine on the ground to fade into the Spy Company Building. The film was just the normal straight cut between scenes for almost all the transitions. The director did give a hint that Tracy and Dexter might get back together with the boat. Dexter gave it to...