A reaction to Supersize me

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Reaction on Super Size Me

After watching Super Size Me I am actually quite disgusted in McDonald's. Serving food to consumers that is under cooked, food with hair in it, and just food that isn't real food with no nutrition doesn't make sense to me.

I used to eat there maybe twice a month. You would hear rumours that they used rat meal, or people would find eye balls in there burgers. After watching that movie, I'm having second thoughts about if the claims they made were really rumours or actually true.

A lot of people think that fast food is good for you, but it isn't at all. There are healthier restaurants than McDonald's such as Subway, Italian places and others. After seeing this movie I think people who eat out a lot with have second thoughts about going to McDonalds instead of quickly going home and making a quick health meal.

The kids of today don't exercise enough and are becoming fat. There are schools that only let the kids have gym for 30 minutes once a week. That is no where near enough exercise for a child. The youth of today is become overweight and dangerously out of shape.