Reactions to the Holocaust (Answers in full sentences)

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Q1a: Why did some Jews believe that God had abandoned them? (You must refer to then Covenant in your answer)

Q1b: God was put on trial in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland. What proof could the defense team have used in God's defence?

Q1c: How would religious faith help victims of the Holocaust with their ordeals?

Q1d: How was it possible to put God on trial and yet love him at the same time?

Q2: "It is impossible to keep faith after experiencing the Holocaust" -- Do you agree with this statement?



During the Holocaust, some Jews believed that God had abandoned them because of many reasons, the main reason due to the 'breaching' of the Covenant. The covenant was and still is a major icon in Judaism. It is a binding contract, an arrangement first made between Noah and God, after the Great Flood. God promised never to flood the world again after he killed off the world with water and ordered Noah to gather two of each animal into his ark in the process, due to the unbelievable amount of sins being committed each and every day.

The rainbow would be a sign of this agreement. However, the Covenant was remade with Abraham at around 2000BC. It involved Abraham leaving his past life behind; his kinsman; his country and going to the 'Promised Land', of Israel. There God would make Abraham into the father of a great nation. Along the way, the Lord tested Abraham's faith and loyalty by asking him to sacrifice his only son, Ishmael. Many years later, the Covenant was then remade yet again with Moses, at Mount Sinai. An addition to the Covenant was the Ten Commandments, with which if obeyed, God would protect the Jews from evil and suffering. If they...