I read the book, A Child Called "It" by: David

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I read the book, A Child Called "It" by: David Pelzer. David was put though the most unimaginable things. Such things as the stove accident where his mother put him on the top of and burn him to show him what hell fells like. The whole story, David tries to tell you what it was like in his house. David Pelzer lives a normal life, such as anyone else but when he was younger people said he had the "Prefect" life. Dave had great parents, a great home, he loved his family very much, and they loved him back.

The mother would catch Dave going throw the trashcans out side and in side. But the mother didn't want him to find any food. So she was very mean and put ammonia throw out the trash so Dave wouldn't eat out of the trash. But that didn't stop Dave if your hunger not much is going to stop you.

But I guess if you're hungry you don't get sick because ammonia would kill a person but not him.

His mom later became a drunk, after her third child. David was a great kid, but once his mom accuses him of doing something wrong. He agrees to his punishment, even though he knew his mom is incorrect. He takes his punishment by sitting in the corner. Otherwise know as "time-out". One thing his mom does to him is not feed him for a day at a time. She teases him with food that she eats. She'll use it as her weapon.

One day he stole a hot dog from the school café and someone caught him. When he got home his mother made him puke it up and then eat it again. She almost went to the extent of making Dave eat his baby brother's shit.

As hard as Dave fought I could not focus mother to let go of my arm finally I fell to the floor, on my arms and knees, and tried to blow cold air on my arm its to bad your drunken fathers not here to save you she yelled. That night mother knew that my arm was broken. So she told me to sleep on the top bunk bed. The next morning she took me to the hospital. She told the doctor I fell off the top bunk bed.

Then her mother said Dave would be able to eat the left over dinner if he finished the dishes in 20 minute but there was a hold sink full. Then mother started to get up and yell at Dave. As she got up she start to rock back and forth it look like she was going to fall down that's how drunk she was. Then Dave's mother said if you don't get done I'm going to kill you! Then the mother threw a knife a Dave drop to the floor. When Dave woke up he was in the bathroom with his mother and little brother but then he fainted after he looked at his upper chest. They did take him to the hospital and the next day he went right back to his chores.

She takes away all his chances of getting food at school, such as stealing from the other kids at school. Finally, Dave thinks of a way to get something in his stomach. He runs to the cafeteria, during his bathroom break, where he grabs a bit of frozen hot dogs. He goes to the bathroom to consume his prize. He's so happy that he had fed himself. At the beginning of this story, Dave is very happy.

Even though, once he thinks that he should just give up, and his mom would kill him. Later on he tells himself he must survive, even if it means doing everything in his power to do. He knows he can't tell anyone, he doesn't want to. His love and respect is too much for his mother. She had brainwashed him into thinking he was a "bad boy" by telling him that.

Finally, one day, his prayers were answered. David Pelzer was taken to an orphanage. This story tries to tell the reader that you must never give up, no matter how bad things get. A Child Called "It" is a very sad and depressing book. On the other hand, it'll keep you interested. I'm not the type who likes to read, but this book you won't be able to put down its so good and another thing I thing this book was trying to tell you was that you might thing your life is bad but I can and will get better. But other people have harder lives than you so keep keeping on.