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What is drama? Drama is a form of writing that is intended to be acted out in front of an audience. By presenting the story in this way, the viewer gets a better sense of what the characters emotions are doing, as opposed to the narrator giving us inside information as seen in fiction. While we cannot see the plays that we are assigned in class, the screenplay gives us cues to tell us the set environment in which the action takes place. Sam Shepard's play, True West, is a great tale of two brothers who are completely different, and yet the same.

To briefly summarize the plot, the story is set in the kitchen and alcove of a house. The house belongs to the mother of Austin and Lee, the main characters of the play. The two brothers do not see eye to eye and this causes friction throughout True West. Austin is a screenwriter who is trying to sell an idea to Saul, a big time Hollywood producer, and during the action, Lee persuades Saul to make a different film and drop Austin's project. Totally devastated by this turn of events, Austin transforms into a character much like that of his shady brother. Eventually the brothers destroy the mother's home and at the end when she comes home, Austin nearly strangles Lee to death. The action ends with a scene of the two brothers eventually going out into the desert together to live off of the land.

There are only four characters in True West, Austin, Lee, their mother, and Saul. There is mention of the father, however he is not a character we meet in the story. The author does not give us a lot of background information on the characters, we...