How To Read a Text Book

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When a text is handed to me as a reading assignment, I immediately picture black and white colors as opposed to the bright colors that I picture when thinking of my favorite book. To me the text means serious so I read it on my desk with everything neat. I sit with just a highlighter, a pencil and the text.

My immediate attention goes to the topic. I try to make the meaning out of the topic, see if I get a hint on what the passage is about from it. I read the text with the intention of learning something new, so I read the text very carefully and reread the lines that I don't understand. Because I mark the lines that are important, I concentrate very much on the reading.

Here I am not just an observer but very much a part of the text as I analyze what the purpose of the text is, think about what has been said, respond to it by either agreeing with it or disagreeing with it and reflect on how what is being said relates to my personal life and how much significant it is.

I make note of these things. I converse with the author.

I usually read the text as a challenge. Sometimes the challenge is figuring out the purpose of the text and sometimes it is just trying to understand it. When doing that one can see me with a frown on my face. Even after I finish reading the text I think about all that I has been said, figure what I have learnt from it and how I can apply it in my personal situations and I don't stop thinking about it for quite a while.