Reader Response Journal: A Lesson Before Dying

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Pages 80-85 are all in chapter 11. In this part of the novel, Grant goes to the corthouse up in Bayonne, alone for the first time with a basket of food that miss Emma had prepared for Jefferson. when Grant first reaches the courthouse, he meets gaudry and goes throgh the usual routine where paul checks the food basket and grant takes everything out of his pockets and puts it all back.

Then Grant goes to to the cell block to see Jefferson. Jefferson again stays all quiet when Grant comes in. Jefferson calls himseldf a hog and shows Grant how a hog eats by kneeling down into the basket and putting his head inside it and eating it. Grant kept telling Jefferson that he is a man, but Jefferson kept telling Grant that he is a hog. Grant tells Jefferson that he would ell miss emma how much Jefferson liked the food and how both of them ate on the bed togther so miss Emma would be happy.

all this took place less than half an hour and Grant wanted to go home, but he didnt want the sherrif to know that he and Jefferson were not getting along so he just stayed there quiet until the deputy came down the cellvlock to get him.