Reading Lesson Plan "Love" for English training education.

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Levels: Pre-intermediateAims: Understanding the text and answering the questions provided.

Objectives : The purpose of this activity is to enhance the students reading ability and understand whether they can understand the whole text, and enable students learn new words from the context that are related to Love. Then they will be able to use those words in different contexts.

Class Time: 45 minutesResources: Text-handout and course bookPre-reading1)Pre-reading of the reading part “Love”.

During reading1) Teacher asks one of the students to read the text out loud. At the same time, he wants the other students to listen attentively and follow her from the texts in their handouts.

2)After the reading teacher asks students to make a general summary of the text.

3)Teacher asks what the text is about, what is the main idea.

4)Then, teacher wants students to find the suitable answers the questions.

Exercises:LoveFor most of us, love is the most absorbing subject in existence.

There is an enormous range of meanings in this one little word: motherly love and self-love, fatherly love and children’s love for their parents; there is brotherly love and there is love of one’s home and one’s country; there is love of money and there is love of power. Love clearly includes all of these, but the love in which one can be oneself is the preeminent love for most of us. Love at its fullest can include an enormous range of emotions and sentiments. It can be combine humility with pride, passion with peace, self-assertion with self-surrender; it can reconcile violence of feeling with tenderness. “being in love” is love at its most intense, and is personally focused in a very special way. Our common speech reflects this fact, as we talk of “falling in love” as if it...