Reading Strategies

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Learning a second language and also studying English is one of the most difficult issues in universities. Because universities are the places in which every student should improve himself or herself in his or her field at the world standards. Thus, in order to reach a qualified identity in their fields students should learn to build English language. Also students need to research about lots of subjects in English. While doing this, they have to read in English since most of the sources are written in English just because of this, the university students need to improve their reading abilities.

As it is mentioned, reading is a very important skill for students and also they may have some difficulties in reading. Reading is a systematic process for the students to learn, so students face different problems when they read in English. However, the problems are very different from each other and also the problems vary according to different departments, classrooms, courses and so on.

"You need to think about how your learning style interacts with the text you are reading, and perhaps change your reading strategies to meet the challenges of that text"(King,2008). Good readers are extremely active as they read, as is apparent whenever excellent adult readers are asked to think aloud as they go through text" (Pressley & Afflerbach, 1995). Good readers are aware of why they are reading a text, gain an overview of the text before reading, make predictions about the upcoming text, read selectively what they already know, note whether their predictions and expectations about text content are being met, and revise their prior knowledgeBackground of the StudyReading is one of the language skills, and reading skill has an important role in learning and teaching a foreign language. However, students may have difficulties in reading...