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Forty percent of the overall class grade is based on group projects. The class will be divided into eight (8) groups and each group is responsible for the activities which are described below. Since group projects are an integral part of the course structure and evaluation, it is important that each group member participates equally and enthusiastically in the group projects. Individual contribution of group members to the projects will be evaluated through peer evaluation at the end of the semester. A copy of that form is attached at the end of the syllabus and each student should fill that form and give it to the instructor on the last day of the semester.

I. Group Research Project: Each group will select one product and one foreign country and develop an export marketing plan for that product in the chosen market. The objectives of this project are both to get an in-depth knowledge of one country and gain experience in developing a marketing plan taking into consideration that country's environment.

This project involves a written report (not more than 15 pages) and a 20-25 minute presentation in class. Details of this project will be discussed in class.

II. Group Case Write-Up and Discussion Leader: Each group will be assigned one case for which it is responsible to do a detailed analysis and write-up (about 7-10 double-spaced typed pages, excluding exhibits) and lead a class discussion for that case. The written report is due in the instructor's office by 5 p.m. on the day before the case has to be discussed in class. The group leading a particular case is responsible for setting the stage for discussion, present an overview of the case in hand to the rest of the class, lead the class in the discussion of the case,