A ready made speech on 90s fashion and how it has impacted Australia.

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90s Fashion

Intro to the 90s:

* Today, instead of everyone following the same "look", people wear clothes that they want and how they want.

* That's why the 90s was known as the "dress down decade".

* By the end of the 21st century dressing down in every aspect of life became an accepted thing.

Movement Away from the 80s:

* Fashions in the 90s moved away from the frills, shoulder pads and chunky jewellery of the 1980s.

* The new look was "minimal" and "casual yet stylish", and the look for women was slim fitting clothes with minimal jewellery, hair and makeup.

* In business, both men and women moved away from traditional suits, as suits became more casual.

* Jeans remained popular in the 1990s, as the opted towards the casual look.

* In 1998, Australia spent 450 million dollars on 8 million pairs of Levis Jeans.

Trends and Styles of the 90s:

* There was a diverse range of styles that were popular with youths in the 90s.


* The dominant clothing fad at the beginning of the 1990s was fluorescent or neon clothing.

* Fluorescent clothing was associated with cool, summer themes like surfing and the beach.

* Fluorescent clothing was especially popular with teenage children.

* Fluorescent clothing items included t-shirts, jumpers, socks, shoelaces and hair ties.

* The popularity of bright colours declined through 1995.


* One of these being Grunge.

* In the early 90s, there was a mass rebellion against the consumer society of the 80s- and due to this a new style was formed known as Grunge.

* Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana was a classic example of the style of Grunge.

* The clothing was ill-fitting, over sized, messy and worn in layers.

* Clothes...