Is it Real?

Essay by angelus022High School, 10th gradeA, April 2006

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If people have thought up an idea for a person or place, which no one has ever heard of, does that mean that it's not it isn't real? I mean, who can say that someone like Superman, Aquaman, and The Flash, or a group, such as the Green Lantern Corps. Or Justice League does not exist? They can be perfectly real yet be unknown to the rest of the world. Maybe they're not part of this world, galaxy, or maybe even this universe, but that doesn't stop them from being real. Maybe something even like Star Wars exists, just like the opening credits say: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." Those specific events might have taken place a long time ago, but maybe there are some places in the universe or a different universe that people like Luke Skywalker, and things like X-wings, Star Destroyers, laser blasters, and Lightsabers do exist.

I've met a few people who think that when someone does something, even something as simple as turning left at a fork in the road a new, parallel universe is created where that person who made a left in our universe, turns right instead. A lot of people say that since we have never seen someone like The Flash, or something like the Green Lantern ring, that they do not exist. I think that the only reason that we have not seen or heard of any of these people or things is that they're either in hiding or they exist, but not on our planet. Maybe we haven't searched far enough, or maybe we're not searching in the right areas. Science has only advanced so far, and we don't have the technology, or the resources to conduct a search in the vast areas...