The Real Angela Davis

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Angela Davis is a well-respected woman that is known for her roles in the uplift in African American culture. The purpose of this paper is to give everyone a better understanding of her significance goals to give Blacks a more respectable image.

Angela Davis was born on January 26,1944 in Birmingham, Alabama. She was the daughter of B. Frank a gas station owner and a schoolteacher Sally E. who had three other children after Angela. Even as a child she was involved in the community she was a devoted member of the Girl Scout troop. She grows up on Dynamite Hill a place that got its name because the Ku Klux Klan frequently bombed it.

Angela started to care about others in the early years of her life. When she noticed that there were less fortunate people around her she know she had to help even if it meant stealing from her own father.

Like other black kids that went to school she attended a school that used out dated books from white schools and the condition of the building could have been better and Angela notice all this I just elementary. But despite all that she was taught that children had to overcome the racist barrier that had been holding her people down.

Angela got involved with politics along with her mother. They use to attend NAACP activities and local rallies. In the mid-fifties Angela and her mother was involved in a civil rights demonstration in Birmingham.

Angela had spent some of her summers in New York and realized things were different there so she decided to attend her last year of high school there. She got a scholarship to a high school called Greenwich Village. When she was in Alabama she was an " A" student but not...