The Real Gangs Of New York

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The Gangs of New YorkThe movie I chose was The Gangs of New York .The movie is about all the immigrants and the native Americans that did not get along. "Four of the main characters: William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting), Boss Tweed, Happy Jack (John C. Reilly), and Monk McGinn were based on actual people but they existed in different time frames. William Cutting was based on William Poole "Bill the Butcher", a real butcher with a shop in Washington Market, who lived in New York City from 1832 until his murder in 1855 by Lew Baker. The real William did not have a glass eye with an eagle on it and did not directly kill anyone although he may have maimed a few men. He resided in a nice little brownstone on Christopher Street outside of the Five Points and for a brief period, owned his own saloon, on the corner of Howard and Broadway.

"(Frances Carle Asbury). In the movie the cops were shown as they really were they would just protect the rich citizens . But in real life cops were just guys that would be look outs for fires at night. In the movie there were a lot of different types of gangs but mostly they were either native Americans or nonnative American. Back in the days there was a lot of gangs just like in the movie . They would join gangs to have so kind of security against any enemy they might have. The five points was a real place just like the movie were all the poor people lives in very crowded