Real Kids Real Advetures

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This book is about kids and they have got into alot of stickey situations.One of the kid is climing a moutian and he gets trapped on the moutian becouse his foot slipped and he did not get rescued for a whole two weeks! Another story tells you about a little nine year old girl and she gets kidnapped by a stranger. She sneakes out of his place and finds her self home when she did not even know the way home. The last story of the book is a little 12 year old kid and he is cought in the middle of a deadly flood that killed alot of people when the flood happened. He got trapped on top of his roof and he was floating in the water on top of his house for a long time. The rescures came and got his parents frist for some reason and he was the last to go.

But then he went into some trees and the police could not get him becouse of the tree tops. At one point he thought that he was going to die but he got up his courage and dove off of the roof becouse the roof was about to break down. The water was freezing cold but he managed to survive the long swim out of the trees. He got ashore and there he sat until somebody had saw him and then he went to the hospital and he survived and is still living today.