Who was the real monster? "Frankenstein"

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Science is defined as: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural. Morality is defined as: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Clearly these two things are different in many aspects. Science is referred as to things that are our lives. The things that are around us and the things that make us are all related to science. Here are three statements that are solidly part of science The universe is expanding, Oxygen is delivered to the body by circulating blood, The Sun will run out of nuclear fuel in several billion years. What makes these statements scientific? "1. They could be false. That is, we can imagine possible worlds in which these statements were not true. We couldn't decide on their truth just by thinking about them. 2 They can, in principle if not in practice, be evaluated empirically - by doing the right experiments or collecting the right observation."

Of course you have to realize that anything in this nature can be used as a scientific statement. The statement "the universe is contracting" and "the universe is expanding" have the same scientific weight. If you look at the statement about the sun burning out in the future of course a person can not know that for sure. We can't actually collect the data that shows directly that the Sun is out of nuclear fuel several billion years from now. But it is clear what form the information we would collect in the future and that is all we need to make a statement. More realistically, the statement is implied by a theoretical superstructure that can itself be tested directly in the here-and-now.

To open up the same discussion but...