What is the real truth about air travel?

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Marseliene Kuo


Air travel: it is a leisure yet a problem. Many people see it as a way to just get away from all the work and stress in the area that they are in, however air travel does causes problems for both the people and the environment. An environmentalist organisation and airline pilots' association believe that airports should cut down the air travel and "Clean the Air!"

There are many reasons as to why campaigners want to reduce air travel. For example, people who live near airports usually suffer from aircraft noise. Since an airport is usually open 24/7 and since airplanes fly out every hour, it cause noise pollution in the air which affects the people living close by. Not only does it cause noise pollution, but air pollution too, which is one of the biggest problems of the world.

Air travel is what helps affect the climate change and it is one of the world's fastest growing sources of greenhouse gases, which is what contributes to global warming.

However, air travel does has its positives which we can all agree on. For example, people we just need to get away and go on a good, long vacation rely on air travel. Taking the rail or driving (if possible) could be a better idea, however air travel is the fastest ways to get you to your destination to enjoy your trip for a longer period of time. Air travel is also convenient for different business groups to get together and have business meetings. You could argue and say that "Oh but businesses could just use video or technology to have their meetings rather than spending money to fly to somewhere else just for a meeting" however, not all...