The Real Truth In Government Compensation

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Government compensation of past wrongs depends on the circumstances surrounding the event, how long ago this was, and also how much emotional deconstruction was done because of it. Throughout the years there has been many examples of groups of people wanting compensation for past mistakes that happened a long time ago. In society today there is sometimes a certain amount of sexism that exicists. However in the late 60's and 70's there seemed to be an even bigger problem with sexism. The problems ranged from all different situations but the biggest problem had to do with women in the workplace and the pay they were given. This was a problem because the government felt that women should not be paid the same amount as men because they had husbands at home to support them. They felt that men needed more money because they had to support their whole family. Although in the end there were many single women that were also supporting their whole family also but were still getting paid less then men.

This discrimination against women went on for many years and in certain jobs still occurs today but for the most part women are now treated as equals towards men. But this did not benefit the women who had worked hard for many years and did not get their fair pay. So because of this many of the women who worked in that period of time went to the government to try and get compensation for those past years of working. Although they tried to gain back the money they had worked for, most of the women did not succeed in doing so. Certain businesses gave the compensation to their female workers that worked at that time and were not paid fairly, but most women were given nothing. In this event most of the women were not given back compensation for the governments past wrongs but there have been other events where the group was given some sort of compensation. At certain times and in certain situations giving compensation is right because many things that happened in our past need to be given some sort of compensation for although in many others its wrong. If the government paid back people for all the wrongs they have done to a country they would be in a lot of debt because all countries have made mistake and most have made a lot but that is not always the countries fault, when society changes so does the government with it so lots of the problems have occured because of the society's change also. Most countries don't have the money to pay for these things especially when they happened sometimes more then 50 years ago. The government needs to pay attention to what is happening presently in our government if they always think about the past then when something important comes up that they could possibly deal with our fix they won't be able to because they were always thinking about the past. Although in certain circumstances compensation should be awarded to the people but it all depends on that situation. The government of a country should be careful on what they decide to give the their money towards. Nevertheless though something's in the past need to be given some sort of compensations to the victims.