The Realism of Authur Miller

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Author Millers dramatic plays inflect a social realism as the personal or general character of an individual relates to society, a social consciousness.

Author Millers plays reflect a social realism in the way the individual relates to society. The methods he uses in experimentation result it a social consciousness and social responsibility. The social reality of the individual consciousness and the consequences as in "All my Sons" and the effect that one lie had on his family and society in general.

"Social conception of human brotherhood." Death of a Salesman uses social expressionism in the human brotherhood and how love and death are aspects of this father to son relationship.

"The Cruicible", also written by Miller, was based on the witch trials. Miller doesn't use the same methods in The Crucible, but attempts to solve the same problems of society, responsibility, and consequences.

A memory of Two Mondays dramatizes modern living and the difficulties in expressing oneself in working relationships.

Experimenting using impressions of memory rather than action. Although, Miller tries to show the importance of ordinary people, other methods used seem mechanical or contrived.

A View From the Bridge is about the relationship of a group of immigrants betrayal and personal guilt.

In all 5 plays, there is a dramatic pattern of this individual conciousness and "social conception of human brotherhood" The tragedy in losing the meaning of life, or in the desire to have meaning, destroy themselves or others.