Realism vs Fantasy in "A Street Car Named Desire"

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"A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams tells the tale of Blanche Dubois and her steady decline into insanity through a series of events. Throughout the story the harsh, realistic world of Stanley clashes with Blanche's filmy, illusionary world. These differences can be seen in how Stanley is portrayed, how is portrayed and how Stella is a bridge between the two worlds. Stanley represents the realistic world.

Stanley's harsh, realistic world is often seen throughout the play this shows how different Blanches is. An example of this is Stanley's main interests: gambling, drinking, fighting, sex and bowling. All of these are very realistic things to do, very down to earth. Also throughout the play he shows no remorse for what he's done, like raping Blanche, unless he wants something (beating Stella). Stanley also takes things as they go, he never dwells on what he has done or will do for that matter, and this shows how realistic he is.

Blanche on the other hand is very fantasy based.