What is Reality?

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What is reality? This is a question so commonly asked that it has given it self characteristics of a rhetorical question. This discussion will provide three viewpoints that attempt to answer this difficult question. Dualism is one of these philosophies. Dualists think that mind and matter are both parts of reality. Another one is the eastern philosophies. These metaphysics explain one indescribable source that governs all laws of reality. The final one is monism. This philosophy states that everything that exists in a manifestation of one form of being. The philosophy of monism is superior to the philosophy of dualism and the eastern philosophies.

Dualists say that a mind is independent of matter unlike the materialistic monist. They also believe that there is a world external to the mind, opposing the idealist monists. The problem with this theory is that it does not prove that all the materials are not creations of the mind.

For example Locke states that we could know with certainty that the rocks on a beach were angular in shape, because they actually are. But we would need out mind to determine the color. The problem is in understanding how one could decide between these two properties. There is no explanation provided in this theory that explains how it is certain that the materialistic properties of the rocks are not a creation of the mind as well. Due to the lack of knowledge present in this theory it is not the superior philosophy of the three. Another philosophy that does not deserve to be the superior one is the eastern philosophy. This lesson provided two eastern philosophies, one being the Taoism and the other being Rta. Taoism is a creation of the metaphysics of china. Tao means "the way" as forming a principle of...