The Reality Of A Blind Date

Essay by Spurs21duncan1A, April 2004

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The telephone rings and on the other end it is a voice. The voice on the other end of the telephone can make a person expect so much, when it comes to a blind date. The voice can build up a lot of anticipation. It can also help one in try to distinguish the outcome of their blind date. Not being able to put a face with a voice that one hears, can make that person expect so much, when it comes to outside appearances and personality, but yet the outcome is not at all what was expected when it comes to reality.

When it comes to the expectations of a blind date based upon a voice that is heard over the telephone can be very misleading. The voice can sound attractive and confident, but it does not mean the looks of the person, who's voice one is hearing, is going to be as attractive as one can expect.

For example, the person on the telephone might have a voice that can make a person anticipate the other person to be attractive, but when they meet face to face, they have already hoped for that individual to be attractive, but yet that individual might not look at all like what the other person had envisioned. Not only can a voice, over the telephone, mislead one when it comes to the outside appearances, but it can also be misleading when it comes to expecting them to be capable to start conversations in person.

Over the telephone one can have a good usage of vocabulary skills. They can use big words and make the conversation sound very intellectual. This to can lead to expectations of being able to do the same in person. Although, those expectations can be ruined when the...