The reality of good and evil

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Before I start this essay, lets take a minute to review the definition of good and evil. What is good and what is evil? Good by definition is a cause of action that we do something that will benefits others let's say by helping them in their time of need. Where else evil can be considered a cause of action when we have cruel intentions for others and make them suffer.

There are certain considerations and experience in our life that will lead us to doubt the existence of good and evil. We may deny that this makes no sense but in reality it does happen. Lets talk in the sense of experience, what would make an individual doubt the reality of good and evil. For this we can say that doubt would be the biggest skeptical of all time. Why is this? Simply because there is a manual of good and evil to follow.

Lets say now, if we see an old lady trying to cross the road, what would we do? I can for sure say that I will help the lady to cross the road. By definition we will say that this is a good action. But if I would have not help the old lady at that time we can define it as an evil action. As I stated earlier if we consider it from experience point of view, there is a manual to follow. So we can't really say that the action that we take is good or evil. This is because we're following a standard universal protocol. Our actions are already set for us. We just have to follow them only. So this can actually lead a person to doubt the reality of good and evil.

Another point of view that can lead...