What Reality Really Is

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Science can never define reality because reality can only be defined through God. Science can not define what life is; it can describe how most things work but not what makes life "alive" or even what makes life exist. America's forefathers centered almost all their discussions on what the bible taught. Today, if one were to state their beliefs on biblical teachings, rather than scientific proof, they would be met with ridicule and scorn. America had become almost anti-Christian in nature because Christianity is no longer the primary influencing factor. The belief that science can define reality had replaced the very ideal upon what this country was founded on, Christianity.

Science can not prove reality. Proof is often no more than a lack of imagination. Scientists fail to see an alternate answer that would fit the facts. Human beings create their own interpretation of reality and view things in their own individual ways.

For example, there are dozens of theories on what happened to the dinosaurs, but not one of them can be proven as a fact. Scientists can view the exact same information and data and come up with entirely different conclusions. This is because people have biased opinions. Most everyone has either heard of or seen lunatics in the streets yelling at invisible people or things. One might consider this person crazy, but the object that they are yelling at is as every bit as real to them as the sun is to "normal people". Reality to humans is therefore a consensus. Most people have seen something that completely amazed them, and asked the person next to them if they saw it as well because if that person saw it too then it must be real. Not everyone sees things in the exact same way. Their...