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There are many problems with reality television. Some of the problems of reality television are violence, language, and that children are allowed to watch these types of shows. Children pick up on things very fast, and allowing them to watch TV shows that contain inappropriate material should not be allowed. The names of the most common shows that have these types of inappropriate material are The Ultimate Fighter, and The Osborn's, just to name a few.

Violence is everywhere in life. So why should we have to be subjected to have to watch it on TV? We don't. All we really have to do is change the channel. The only problem with that is that people like to watch violence. Watching violence on TV is a way for people to see what other people are capable of and there for make sure not to do the same. Children on the other hand see what others do and want to try it.

As Steven Reiss and James Wiltz put it, "the most significant reason that reality TV is popular with such a wide variety of viewers is that Americans identify with the desire to be famous." What this means to me is that children think that if they do what they see others doing, even if it is wrong, nothing will happen to them if they do the same. With out thinking of the consequences of there actions, this allows them to get in trouble. The Ultimate Fighter for example, is a show about men fighting to become the best. This show has scenes of men hitting and kicking each other in which there can be a considerable amount of blood. When children watch this it makes them want to fight with each other. There have been many reported cases...